I'm no big fan of DRM. It seems the march of technology into entertainment has been accompanied by a reducing in fair use but at the end of the day it's not a show stopper. I can still buy or rent books, DVDs and CDs and the world is good.

That doesn't stop the tinfoil brigade getting all paranoid that just because there are some new standards for DRM and content protection and they are supported by Vista that Microsoft is own to own their entertainment and eventually their mind.

One of the biggest proponents of this fear, uncertainty and doubt has been Peter Guttman who has published a long rambling paper sub-titled "The Longest Suicide Note in History" which is apparently a well researched, factual breakdown of how Microsoft are out to rule the world through DRM.

I tried reading it once after seeing a lot of chatter in the blogsphere about it, but decided that it wasn't worth the effort to wade through the rambling tome. I know some researchers can be a bit eccentric but at least they usually make sense

It turns out that I wasn't alone in that opinion. Ed Bott has started a three part analysis and examination of this work of art to actually correct some pretty fundamental mistakes.

It makes great reading and clears up some of the mystery... or at least adds some common sense and real analysis to the subject - Everything you've ever read about Vista DRM is wrong"

I do however share Mr Guttmans (warning: Strong Language Ahead) view on Lotus Notes (though I'm not sure I see the point in posting it as an Acrobat document when there are perfectly acceptable graphics formats available for the Internet that are not encumbered with useless DRM)