This week Microsoft is hosting the Advance08 Advertising Leadership Forum here in Redmond.

As well as speakers including James Cameron, Michael Eisner and Arianna Huffington, our own Robbie Bach presented end to end advertising scenarios on Xbox Live, Zune Social and Windows Mobile.

The Windows Mobile piece is very interesting because it’s been built using Silverlight running on a Windows Mobile device.

The Fight the Flavor game was built by the folks at Vertigo who did a great job at MIX08 with the large screen Hard Rock Memorabilia site and have shows they can work on a 2.8” screen just as well as a 32” monitor!

AlfaSpider-Advance08Personally one of the other highlights of the event was seeing the Microsoft Automotive equipped Alfa Romeo Spyder ;) While it’s not a technology I get to work on that often it was nice to see it sitting there in the sun when we were rehearsing for the event – and it does get to show just how far the Microsoft Embedded platform reaches – cars, phones, zune and beyond.