SearchPerks_logo You may be familiar with Live Search features such as Instant Answers or the option to donate to charity for every search or earn cash back from some stores, but did know know that between Oct 1st 2008 and April 15th 2009 you can earn personal rewards for searching?

Search Perks installs a small toolbar called as the Perk Counter (it works in IE7 and IE8) that tracks points for every search you perform at and at the end of the promotion if you’ve accumulated enough points (aka “tickets”) you can exchange those for ring tones, Messenger emoticons, music downloads, books, games and other rewards.

Although the Perk Counter tracks your search and banner click activity (or Live Search pages) it does not track what you search for or which websites you visit.

You can use the perk counter to get a quick overview of your current number of tickets, as well as jump quickly to the Search Perks site to check out the FAQs or see what prizes are available. You can also read more at the Live Search Blog.